Rotary Cutter 330mm - 670mm A4 / A3 / A2

Rotary Cutter 330mm - 670mm A4 / A3 / A2

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Cut paper, film or foil with a smooth slicing action that leaves a neat, professional cut.  Simple, safe and durable, each trimmer features a rotary blade an automatic clamping as well as a blade guard. 

Larger models such as the A1 / 22 x 34" and A0 / 34 x 44" come with a stand included View here.

Rotary trimmers are often called 'guillotines' but they differ in the way that they are constructed and operate.

A trimmer uses a rotary blade that slices through paper from side to side. 

Trimmers are better at cutting smaller amounts and are the preferred option in schools and colleges as the blade is encased in its own housing and is therefore, safer.

A guillotine allows you to get an accurate cut when needing to cut larger amounts of paper.  Guillotines use a downward shearing action to cut through the material.

You can view our guillotine here.

Cutting Length Cutting Capacity Table Size Stand
330mm 0.7mm / 7 Sheets  210 x 435mm  
360mm 1.5mm / 15 Sheets 315 x 546mm  
480mm 1.5mm / 15 Sheets 315 x 656mm   
670mm 1.2mm / 12 Sheets 315 x 856mm
960mm 1.0mm / 10 Sheets 315 x 1146mm Included
1300mm 0.7mm / 7 Sheets 315 x 1486mm Included
1500mm 0.7mm / 7 Sheets 315 x 1695mm  Included
2000mm 0.7mm / 7 Sheets 315 x 2195mm Included 

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