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ANCILLARY ITEMS ‘Ancillary’ is an interesting word used in several ways and for a host of purposes. Other words that are used to cover a range of items that we are not quite sure how to describe as a collective are various, miscellaneous, assortment, selection and others. It is the word that is often used to describe something that is in a position of secondary importance but vital to the ability of being able to complete a process or service. have a range of ancillary items available that are vital to the completion of being able to mount or laminate a...

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We all know that looking after our planet is becoming more and more crucial.  We also know that we’d all like to do more.  At we have sourced some products to help you make business decisions whilst considering the environmental impact.  Many products required in the presentation and photographic industry will have a plastic element attached to them however the way the products are used do not fall under the remit of ‘single use plastic’ which is the biggest issue surrounding the plastic industry at present.  For example, if we use a foam board to create a display that...

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InSite® Reveal® Foam Centred Board

It doesn’t matter if it is a complicated and highly technical application or a simple standard every day one. The range of InSite® Reveal®  foam boards delivers quality results every time.   Manufactured with a high quality face paper our proprietary Reveal® foam centred board is engineered to retain its thickness.   InSite® Reveal®‘s high quality foam board cuts cleaner and faster on digital cutting and routing equipment. It is very well known for being warp resistant, dent resistant, and UV stabilized,   InSite® Reveal® is the number one choice for a wide range of users including commercial printers and sign makers. Used for graphics...

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Float Frames

Approximately twelve years ago, we saw in the USA, a simple idea of securing a print onto a 5mm sheet of self-adhesive foam board or MDF and then mounting that print into the picture frame moulding from the front. 

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Photo Blocks

Photo Blocks (or 'fotobloks’) are a high quality product manufactured out of MDF with a self adhesive coating one side and a black vinyl covering on the reverse. There are a wide variety of sizes and colours available. We supply the small desktop sizes right up to large wall displays that look very attractive when hung in multiples. The smaller sizes are free standing but like the larger blocks can be supplied with a hanging facility. Bespoke sizes are available including a variety of special shapes, we recently produced a large order of hexagon shapes that looked amazing.  There is a wonderful...

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