De-Roller - the hidden gem behind flat prints and posters

The Expression De-Roller is a wonderful tool for the industry that returns prints and paper back to their flat state.  

This little gem doesn't get the attention is deserves but it's a must have one-off purchase for anyone that handles curled up media.  No more piling books on delicate papers or taking hours to get the curls out.  Simply pop your media into the De-Roller, roll it up (against the curl), de-roll it and you are left with a perfectly flat result.

What's better, it come in two sizes: 610mm x 38mm and 1270mm x 38mm (24" x 1.5" and 50" x 1.5") so no print is left curled.

For fine art papers that are printed off a role, this is your 'go to' tool for quick and reliable results in just a few seconds.  Non-rag papers will require more time than 100% rag papers, but rarely more than a few minutes.

It may seem simple in its design, but the De-Roller has some unique features:

- The white carrier film has virtually no curl memory and lays almost perfectly flat time-after-time. It attaches to the chrome-plated tube with virtually no seam ridge.

- There is a grey edge strip both edges of the carrier film. This is a unique feature which creates a space to allow the rolled paper to ‘slip’ as it relaxes and un-curls.

The De-Roller is beautifully designed and well-built. It will give your prints from roll paper a professional finish.

All sizes of De-Roller can accommodate prints up to 940mm / 37” long.

This is what customers say:

“Getting to know the De-Roller was pure happiness. A gift to the industry. Had I not seen it with my own eyes and had I not tried it myself, I would have thought it was a lie.

I have all these years struggled to flatten images without doing any damage to them, as my philosophy is to never do anything that can’t be undone. In a minute or so, smooth out such as a poster, that has been rolled for years, or a giclée, come directly from the printer, with a seemingly banal simple design consisting of a plastic film with flexible edge strips, attached to the heavy roller.

Quite magical, everyone should have one!”

We love the De-Roller and we're sure that you will too.  


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