Overlaminating Films

We offer both pressure sensitive and heat activated laminates from the leading brands giving you a choice of pressure sensitive or heat activated lamination compatible with all types of pressure sensitive roll laminators and heat activated vacuum or mechanical mounting presses. .

Boss pressure sensitive over-laminates are keenly priced and of the highest quality. With  a permanent solvent acrylic adhesive it makes them the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor projects.  

These films are ideal for laminating and protecting posters, commercial signage, floor graphics, exhibition graphics, pull up and roll up banners and information display boards.

D&K heat activated films  been sold world wide for many, many years. They are popular with photographers, framers and print shops who own one of the many thousands of vacuum or mechanical mounting presses sold the world over.

Heatseal films were pioneered in the UK offering protection to paper prints, inkjet canvas prints, posters and almost all types of digital print media. The laminates provide a UV protective covering in a matter of minutes.   [Click on the product below for further information]