Red Digital Foil
Red Digital Foil
Red Digital Foil
Red Digital Foil
Red Digital Foil

Red Digital Foil

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Infuse Passion and Festive Spirit into Your Creations with Aqua Aura's Red Digital Foil.

Aqua Aura's Red Digital Foil, a vibrant and captivating addition to your print shop or bespoke gift creations. This high-quality foil brings a pop of energetic red that instantly grabs attention and adds a touch of warmth and passion to any project.

Below are some of the exciting ways you can harness the power of Aqua Aura's Red Digital Foil:

  • Stunning Prints: Infuse your artwork and designs with a burst of red that ignites emotions and leaves a lasting impact. From bold posters and vibrant illustrations to typography art with a fiery twist, this foil adds an extra layer of dynamism and excitement.
  • Lively Stationery: Create stationery items that radiate warmth and friendliness. Whether it's cheerful business cards, lively letterheads, or playful notepads, incorporating the Red Digital Foil injects a dose of energy and liveliness into your stationery suite.
  • Customised Gifts: Personalise your gifts with a splash of red that symbolises love and affection. Use the Red Digital Foil to accentuate custom-made personalised photo albums, making each gift feel heartfelt and special.
  • Home Decor & Wall Art: Transform your living spaces into vibrant havens with captivating red accents. Apply the Red Digital Foil to art prints, wall decals, or framed illustrations, infusing your home decor with a sense of warmth, passion, and a touch of artistic flair.
  • Eye-Catching Packaging: Grab attention on the shelves with packaging that stands out from the crowd. Incorporate the Red Digital Foil into your packaging design, whether it's for bold and fiery sauces, playful toys, or trendy fashion items, adding a captivating touch that entices customers.
  • Memorable Events: Set the tone for unforgettable experiences with the Red Digital Foil. Create event programs, menus, or signage that exude passion and excitement. Whether it's a birthday party, a product launch, or a joyous celebration, this foil adds a touch of fun and liveliness to every occasion.
  • Seasonal Delights: Embrace the spirit of festivity with the Red Digital Foil, bringing a vibrant charm to your seasonal creations. From Valentine's Day cards to holiday decorations, this foil adds a joyful and passionate element that celebrates special moments in style.

Let your creativity run wild with Aqua Aura's Red Digital Foil.

Its friendly and lively nature makes it the perfect choice for professionals in the print shop and bespoke gift industry, allowing you to craft captivating and heartfelt creations that connect with your audience on a deep level.

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The range of Aqua Aura foils have been tested for use in the Matrix Pneumatic and Duplex Systems.

Precision control of both the temperature and pressure ensure consistent high quality results.

Supplied on a 3″ core / 77mm

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