Gold Digital Foil
Gold Digital Foil
Gold Digital Foil
Gold Digital Foil
Gold Digital Foil

Gold Digital Foil

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Ignite Brilliance and Glamour in Your Creations with Aqua Aura's Gold Digital Foil.

Get ready to add a touch of pure magic to your print shop or bespoke gift creations with Aqua Aura's Gold Digital Foil! This high-quality foil is like a golden ticket to creating something truly extraordinary that'll make hearts skip a beat.

Let's dive into the countless ways you can unleash the enchanting power of Aqua Aura's Gold Digital Foil:

  • Glorious Prints: Turn your art and designs into masterpieces that shine! Whether it's posters that make heads turn, dazzling illustrations, or typography art that's pure eye candy, this foil adds a luxurious touch that's sure to leave everyone in awe.
  • Luxe Stationery: Wanna make a smashing impression? Say hello to business cards that radiate sophistication and make people go, "Wow, where'd you get those?" Sprinkle the Gold Digital Foil onto letterheads, notepads, or any stationery you can think of, and watch your work transform into pure gold!
  • Customised Gifts: Looking to create something truly extraordinary? Personalized gifts infused with the Gold Digital Foil are here to steal the show. From dazzling custom-made accessories and photo albums that ooze elegance, each piece becomes a sparkling reminder of your thoughtfulness.
  • Home Decor & Wall Art: Ready to give your walls a serious upgrade? Add a touch of golden glam to art prints, wall decals, or framed illustrations, and turn your living spaces into a haven of opulence. The Gold Digital Foil is the secret ingredient that'll make your home decor truly shine!
  • Show-Stopping Packaging: Hey, want your products to fly off the shelves? Incorporate the Gold Digital Foil into your packaging design and make heads spin. From luxury candles that exude elegance to gourmet treats that scream "indulge me," this foil takes your packaging game to a whole new level.
  • Unforgettable Events: Time to bring the golden touch to your events and leave your guests mesmerised. With the Gold Digital Foil, your event programs, menus, and signage become dazzling works of art that set the stage for unforgettable experiences. Get ready to hear those gasps of admiration!
  • Seasonal Delights: Whether it's the joy of the holidays or a special seasonal celebration, the Gold Digital Foil brings that extra sparkle to your creations. From festive greeting cards to cheerful decorations, this foil spreads the golden glow and sets the mood for a truly magical time.

Step into a world of golden wonders with Aqua Aura's Gold Digital Foil.

It's not just a product; it's your secret weapon to creating moments that shimmer and memories that last a lifetime.

Let your creativity soar, and let that gold shine bright!

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The range of Aqua Aura foils have been tested for use in the Matrix Pneumatic and Duplex Systems.

Precision control of both the temperature and pressure ensure consistent high quality results.

Supplied on a 3″ core / 77mm

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