Dry Mount Tissue

Price is very important when considering the dry mounting adhesive you use to mount your clients' work.

It is easy to forget to calculate the cost of the dry mounting tissue into the overall price of framing a print if dry mounting is required. A large print can easily be a couple of square metres in size adding several pounds to the cost of the finished price.

TechMount® is a dry mounting tissue manufactured in the USA by D&K, imported into the UK and distributed by www.mountingsubstrates.com.  Techmount® is a breathable, porous dry mount tissue created for dry mounting resin coated (RC) photographs, most paper based posters and digital prints. One of the great advantages of Techmount® is the price.  Often it is half the price of other similar tissues making a huge difference to the busy picture framer when pricing up work that needs to be dry mounted.

We believe that Techmount® is possibly the most popular dry mounting tissue in the USA used by contract picture framers and those who mount prints in volume. It produces a smooth permanent bond activating at low temperatures.

TechMount® is a tissue based material coated on both sides with a heat activated adhesive that bonds as it heats. The bond becomes permanent when cool.

Also included on the web-site is a specialist range of acid free adhesives such as Fusion® 4000, a thermal-activated 100% acid-free adhesive film, and Ragmount™, a 100% cotton-rag tissue carrier designed for dry mounting fine art Giclee digital prints.

D&K produce the Expression® range of vacuum and mechanical presses and their knowledge and experience is based on them taking over the well known and long established US press manufacturing brand of Seal®. This company was recognised by many as the pioneer and for many years the world’s leading company that developed and introduced to the market many adhesives designed to safely dry mount a wide range of artwork.

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