We all know that looking after our planet is becoming more and more crucial.

 We also know that we’d all like to do more.

 At we have sourced some products to help you make business decisions whilst considering the environmental impact.

 Many products required in the presentation and photographic industry will have a plastic element attached to them however the way the products are used do not fall under the remit of ‘single use plastic’ which is the biggest issue surrounding the plastic industry at present.

 For example, if we use a foam board to create a display that we intend to remain static for many years we might decide to choose a standard foam board.  Whereas, if we are producing a display for a one off or short-term event, we may want to choose products that can be recycled or that breakdown responsibly after their use.

 For that reason, we wanted to tell you about some of our ‘greener’ products.

 Biodegradable Environmentally Responsible Foam Board

This foam board is made using bio resins.  Bio resins react within a bacteria-rich environment which allows the foam board to degrade in a landfill site or in a commercial composter.  Within 1 to 5 years the polystyrene centre has broken down completely without causing any harm to the environment read more

 Fusion 4000

This is an acid-free, dry adhesive that is pH neutral suitable for newsprint, lithographs, photographs, silks, canvas and many more delicate products that need mounting.  This product comes without a tissue carrier giving the additional benefit of the reduction in paper waste. read more


A 100% acid-free, cotton product with a pH neutral permanent bond.  This product degrades responsibly being cotton based and acid-free.  It is used for dry mounting fine art digital prints and traditional photography read more


Another acid-free choice for delicate art works such as photographs, silks, rice papers, posters and inkjet prints.  The benefit of this paper-based product is its acid free adhesive. Not only does it protect the artwork but the waste can be easily recycled. read more

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