Float Frames

Approximately twelve years ago, we saw in the USA, a simple idea of securing a print onto a 5mm sheet of self-adhesive foam board or MDF and then mounting that print into the picture frame moulding from the front. 

This idea became very popular particularly with school photographers and the high street digital print shops. 

It is very simple to produce a professional mounted print without glass and with the need of minimal equipment. There is a choice of four colours and two depths of moulding to accommodate even the largest prints and displays. 

The word or description float frame is confusing and often gets mixed up with other descriptions such as floater frame, floating frame, tray frames, float frame kits or even canvas float frames. 

Mounting Substrates promote the name Float Frame Packs. The word pack means that the frame is produced and comes complete with a sheet of self- adhesive foam board or MDF and a hanging facility.

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