Choose The Right Dry Mount Tissue

TechMount (EcoMount) is a commercial tissue that is probably the most widely used tissue in the USA by contract framers. It is a permanent tissue that bonds while still hot with a price tag that is half the price of all other equivalent tissues.

Superbond and ColorMount, both well-known brands that are based on a breathable tissue base with a permanent adhesive that sticks while still hot. These tissues were designed to allow the air to escape from between the print and substrate during the mounting process when using a vacuum or mechanical press.

BufferMount and Fusion 4000 are adhesives that bond as they cool and can be removed if reheated. Buffermount has an acid free paper tissue base coated on both sides with a low melt acid free adhesive.  It has the added advantage of a buffering agent that neutralise environmental degradation. Fusion 4000 is a thermal-activated 100% acid free adhesive film. The adhesive bonds as it cools, and is removable when reheated.

RagMount is a heat-activated mounting adhesive with a 100% cotton-rag tissue carrier designed to dry mount fine art and digital Giclee prints. It is a low melt acid free adhesive creating a smooth, permanent bond guaranteed to provide good adhesion without discoloration or bubbles. offer you a full range of  mounting and laminating materials including essential consumables such as release paper, clear release film and foam sheets.

Data sheets for all of our dry mount tissues can be found here.

Trade discounts are available and  we are happy to pass on any knowledge or information we have gained working specifically in the mounting and laminating side of our industry for the past forty years.

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